The signs of the end times in real estate shouldn’t be measured by the offloading of the second unit in Julian Schnabel’s vomitorium for less than a third of asking, but instead by the fact that it the two outlets most obsessed with it (aside from, you know, the people across the street) presented the information in only two rather understated posts. But don’t feel too triumphal, angry renters, the place still sold for more than $2,500/sf. And it still doesn’t seem to have a single closet. In related puke-centric news, Le Souk is finally, officially, kaput. Since it was practically the only operating business south of the park on Avenue B, the loss will noticed. An oddly timed announcement from Duane Reade on 2nd & B that they would moving to 24-hour operation might arouse the suspicious NIMBY enthusiasts (that, or being too caffeinated from the 16 coffee shops that seem to have sprouted on Clinton Street).

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