This is too sad and silly to make jokes about. Don’t worry, that won’t stop me. The city is trying to sort out what to do with the growing number of unfinished (or partially sold) condo buildings. Clever ideas, like moderate or low-income housing (Mike has to make his 160,000 unit promise somehow — well, actually he doesn’t, since the only organized opposition he faces is Mark Greene sadly collecting signatures on street corners; call him, he’ll come to your bar mitzvah!) are on the horizon, but no one really knows how to implement this. Brokers, who will never stop telling you to buy now or be priced out forever, worry about what these plans will do to local [chortle] real estate values. Ha ha. Real estate values — where, in Bushwick? Buildings underwritten with eight and nine figure mortgages by obscure Euro banks who probably sold off the risk to AIG? Property values? To be 2008 again! We were all so young!

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